Ignorance and fear are limitations that haunt any given human being.  In many occasions, we limit ourselves from using or employing new ways to live just because they may be out of our comfort zone.  What is unknown has always been seen as a sign of danger.  Nonetheless, the biggest changes and breakthroughs in history have been a result of the work of special individuals ready to take a leap of faith and confront their fears.  Nowadays, the use of cannabis can also be seen as fearful.  Although there are various countries that approve the use, cultivation and selling of this plant, there still are other conservative countries that due to strange reasons, many times not even objective, do not change ancient laws regarding the legalization of the product.

Many valuable scientific investigations have been carried out with the aim of proving the healing properties of the consumption of marihuana.  Results shed some light on this controversy as it proved how Cannabis has at least two active chemicals with medicinal properties.  One of them is Cannabidiol (CBD) and on the other is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Whether is true or not that a majority of studies do not possess a 100% certitude, it does evident the positive effects gotten from the usage of these substances in test subjects.  The use of marihuana is heterogeneous.  In some cases is employed mainly for treating glaucoma, epileptic seizures and even to prevent cancer from spreading.  Recent uses of marihuana are linked to the battle versus Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease.  For these patients, the results are innovative, making this drug a valuable medical tool.  More interesting, is the fact that its effective use in treatments for children has even better results.  Even though the usage of marihuana does not eliminate completely the deathly effects of some of these terrible diseases, it does slow them down by a milestone.

Its usage is very limited by developed countries’ governments because of the alleged damage it produces to lungs, very much the same as with cigarettes.  However, studies have shown that Tobacco smokers lose lung function more rapidly in comparison to Marihuana smokers.  On top of that, recent studies have shed some light regarding this topic.  Results conclude that Marihuana doe not impair lung function, instead it increases lung capacity.  These results are more than surprising for a drug whose primary adjective is “harmful”.  Either way, it has been proven that a majority of people consume marihuana for medicinal treatments, and more specifically, to reduce disease provoked pains or post-traumatic stress.  This way, to avoid abusing of this drug is a priority.

Science breakthroughs have proven the negative and positive effects of the consumption of marihuana for medicinal purposes.  Cannabis collection is considered a very controversial topic in today´s world because of its many ramifications.  Although polemic, it needs to be considered that cannabis is an essential drug for medicinal purposes.  The legalization of its consumption is not only an optional worthy cause, but in many cases a necessity.  We need to overcome our fear of the unknown.

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