Tungsten carbide bonded to nickel or cobalt is used for its good technical properties and exceptional thermal conductivity allowing for paid off temperature generation and longer operating time. Each is prone to selective chemical attack of this metallic binder that may leave a skeletal surface framework of tungsten carbide particles. Many materials employed for the manufacture of technical seals are now too hard become lapped making use of old fashioned traditional abrasives like aluminium oxide and silicon carbide.

Mechanical seal band are accustomed to seal the approval between your rotating shaft plus the fixed housing in gear like pumps and mixers, in order that liquid cannot leak away through this approval. Comprehensive line distributor of commercial products including mechanical seals for rotating gear. Tungsten Carbide Seal ring is one of the most widely-used hard area materials among mechanical seal friction material.Image result for tungsten carbide rolls

Seals like solitary cartridge seals, multi-springs double cartridge seals, solitary springtime bellow seals, metric single springtime bellow seals, automotive water pump seals, short seals, steel bellows seals, technical seals, compressor seals, submersible pump seals & double oil seals with sleeve & spacers are available.

2.Various kinds of tungsten carbide seal ring, like Plain Ring, T-Shape,DA Type, Dace Seal Ring, L-Type.M7N, G60 and so on. We make gas-tight tungsten carbide coatings, impermeable to gasoline tungsten carbide mechanical seals and liquid for pressure ranks of 10,000 psi (690 bar); 15,000 psi (1035 club); 20,000 psi (1,380 club) and 30,000 psi (2,070 club) without a sealing.

Sandvik seal grade C6N has been developed to meet up the high needs to solid carbide seal bands inside pump industry. WSC Mechanical Seals offers a comprehensive number of technical seal face materials and happily provides experienced advice which technical seal face materials are suitable for your exact running conditions.

Tungsten carbide seal band products are most widely used in Domestic marketplace, North America, and Western European countries. Effect bonded silicon carbide is generated by including molten silicon to a mixture of silicon carbide and carbon. Common tungsten carbide products include balls, bars, burrs, buttons, dies, cutters, drills, drill bits, use components, tools, guidelines, seals, saws, rods, rings, pellets, and inserts.

Tungsten carbide mining tip has superior wear resistance and impact toughness, tungsten carbide roller. Various seal bands with complicated form, either blanks or completed items may be provided. Chromium Carbide (CrC) coatings are very well suitable for very high temperature gas or fluid applications and also have excellent resistance to put on, erosion and corrosive media.

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